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The Browns have a 5% shot at winning the Super Bowl, ESPN says

Fox Sports — Following a Browns scrimmage at FirstEnergy Stadium Sunday filled with fans alight with Super Bowl hopes, ESPN released its season projections Monday for NFL teams’ probability of making and winning the lauded final game.

The rankings showed that the Browns had a reported 5% chance of making the Super Bowl this year. And while that may seem to low to many a loyal fan, the team is actually among the Top 10 likely to make it on the list.

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Officially called the Football Power Index (FPI), the ESPN rankings are assembled using a complex system of statistics, projections and, probably, from a Browns fan’s point of view at least, the outlet’s love for the Kansas City Chiefs, whom they say are most likely to win it all in a matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers once more.

Here are the 10 teams ESPN says have the highest chance of winning the Super Bowl for the 2021-2022 season:

  • Kansas City Chiefs 19%

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 15%

  • Buffalo Bills 9%

  • Green Bay Packers 6%

  • Baltimore Ravens 6%

  • San Francisco 49ers 6%

  • Cleveland Browns 5%

  • Los Angeles Rams 5%

  • Seattle Seahawks 5%

  • Tennessee Titans 3%

ESPN also said the AFC North is going to be tough with the Baltimore Ravens and Browns battling it out for that top division spot.

The outlet was quick to note that there’s a 4-in-5 chance any other team than the Chiefs is going to win the Super Bowl.

With playoffs hopes high after last season’s breakthrough, the Cleveland Browns season officially starts Sept. 12 with a game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City.

Find the full ESPN article right here.

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