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Heath beats Circleville 45-0, The Bulldogs defense was relentless

HEATH, OH - The Heath Bulldogs would defeat the Circleville Tigers 45-0 Friday night in an impressive defensive showing by the Bulldogs. Heath had 16 different players make tackles, 9 players making a tackle for a loss. Senior Riley Gould and Freshman Connor Corbett each had great games defensively with 7 tackles each. Senior Gavin Postelwaite also got in on the action with 4 tackles, 1 for a loss.

The game was one sided offensively with the Bulldogs seemingly being able to run or pass the ball at will. All 45 of the Bulldogs points were scored in the first half.

The Bulldogs starting quarterback Brayden Bayles played an outstanding game. He went 8 for 15 for 240 yards, threw 4 TD's and had 1 rush for 20 yards. Bayles ended the game with a QBR of 138.2.

The Bulldogs passed the ball around a lot, with 7 different players catching the football. Senior Reece Huber made 3 catches for 54 yards, 2 of which were for touchdowns. Seniors Mitchell McClain and Keylan Williams both added identical games. McClain and Williams both has 2 catches a piece for 88 yards, and each scored a touchdown. McClain also rushed the ball twice for 13 yards

The Bulldogs running back Ar’moni Mccrae seemed to be able to go where he wanted when he wanted. Mccrae carried the ball 11 times for 85 yards averaging 7.7 yards per carry. His longest rush was for 37 yards. Mccrae also rushed for 2 TDs. By the end of the game the Heath Bulldogs would outgain the Circleville Tigers 472-92 in total yards.

Heath is now 3-0 and will play Granville High School at Granville this Friday September 10th. Granville is also 3-0 after they beat Eastmoor Academy 54-18 Friday night. Heath is averaging 30.3 points a game so far this season while Granville is averaging 44.3 points per game. With the way the Bulldogs have been playing defense lately I think they will be able to hold Granville under 35 points. And if Heath's offense shows up to Granville ready to play like they did this past Friday, its gonna be a dog fight of a game.

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